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Our Services

Construction and demolition materials left over at a building site can be reused or recycled and
given new life. We are all about innovation from our sorting techniques to developing products
made from recycled materials.

Metal Scaps

Our facility incorporates state-of-the-art technology and strategies to recover  recyclable materials such as metal, cardboard, concrete, brick, manufacturer scrap roofing and the cleanest wood waste product available.

GreenWay offers various services to contractors, builders, and others involved in the C&D industry with strong sustainable goals. We specialize in working with clients to ensure you have the best recycling experience possible.

Truck Loading
Terrell and Jax sorting bricks

We know the regulatory environment can be challenging so we assist our customers in putting together bids, providing options for managing demolition, and ensuring projects receive LEED reporting for RCI certified recovery rates.

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