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About Greenway Recycling

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary as a leader in the Pacific Northwest recycling community following a multi-million dollar rebuild of our mixed C&D recovery facility in NW Portland, which has provided us with the best recycling rates in the area. GreenWay’s unique site includes 40 new and repurposed machines and conveyors, demonstrating our innovative “can-do” approach gets results.

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Terrell Garrett
Terrell Garrett, CEO

Our founder Terrell Garrett, along with wife Chris, got into the garbage hauling business in the late 90’s. By 2004 the family started GreenWay to sort, repurpose and recycle C&D waste. Garrett is proud of his Hispanic and Native American heritage and the fact that GreenWay is the oldest minority-owned C&D recycling operation in the Portland area.

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