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Rates and Fees

ENVIRONMENTAL FEE PER LOAD                                               $ 7.00 per load

MIXED DRY WASTE - MIXED                                             RW     $105.00 per ton

WOODEN SPOOLS                                                            SP      $15.00 each + tonnage

COMPOSITION ROOFING (asphalt shingle NO shake)   MC      $105.00 per ton

LEED WASTE                                                                     LW      $105.00 per ton

CLEAN CRAB (concrete, rock, asphalt, brick)                   CC      $50.00 per ton

1. All C&D loads from pre-1970 structures must have a completed C&D
Certification form declaring all material free of hazardous materials, including
asbestos. Documentation must be received prior to tipping these loads.
2. All flat roofing must be accompanied by a lab analysis showing less than 1%

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